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Books I'm reading this October

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This month, I picked up 2 sort of new books to read. Although, I have been devoting my time to more technical books, I was quite glad to squeeze in a couple more non-technical books.

For fans of TLDR; here is the run down of the books I am reading this month:

  1. Originals, by Adam Grant
  2. The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown

Onwards to this month’s main book selections. First off, I probably should explain why I have a number of book selections. I tend to read a bunch of books at the same time, roughly 2-5 books. This may come out as a bit of a strange thing to do, but a long long time ago in a distant land, I discovered a treasure. I discovered I read more when I diversified my reading. By diversifying I do mean reading books that are vastly different from each other. Reading this way, enabled me to keep my reading super interesting without being overwhelming.


Originals book cover
Originals by Adam Grant

In 2018, I watched a Ted Talk by Adam Grant and to say I really enjoyed it would be sort of an understatement. It stuck with me. Fast forward to last July when I was randomly walking around in a bookstore and I came across this book. I recognized the author’s name and I grabbed it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to starting it till around mid September.

Presently, I am almost done reading this book and I can’t stress enough how much of a good decision it was to pick this up. I find myself reaching for this book on my commutes home after work and sometimes just before bed.

The tales of entrepreneurship and leadership have been gripping. I am fascinated by the untold tales behind a lot of well-known stories of influential people and the course their lives have taken. The decisions they have faced and the strange familiarilty of them all. The book highlights how different originals are from most people, yet at the same time surprisingly similar to most people. It makes you wonder, what it means to be an Original.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but it has been a really good read so far, I highly recommend reading it.

The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol book cover
The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Picked up this Dan Brown hoping to dive into another Professor Langdon adventure. Though I must confess every time I read a new Professor Langdon series, I imagine Tom Hanks as the lead. I guess it stuck after watching the movies! Nonetheless, I do enjoy Dan Brown’s suspenseful yet historical thrillers.

I am a few chapters in and it takes a lot of effort to put this book down and go to sleep. I am a fan of thrillers so I am really expecting some serious suspense, puzzles and plot twists.

One thing I do enjoy about Dan Brown books, other than the history and puzzles, is they are a mix of fact and fiction. Every one of Dan Brown’s reads has been an opportunity to research into whether something is fact or fiction. It’s always interesting to learn strange new things you were convinced were fiction, but are surprising historic facts!

That’s it for my leisure reading this month. Hope you enjoyed reading this post.